Universe is together because of some great souls who care for others and sacrificed
them selves. Our little efforts are nothing at the feet of such serene souls.

Kaayena Vaacha Manasendriyairvaat Budhyaatmanavaat Prakriteh Swabhaavaat /
Karomi Yadyat Sakalam Parasmai Naraayanaayeti Samarpayaami //

Om Namoh Narayanaya

About SuYajna

This is a trust initiated by 2002, specified by 2005 and registered in the name of our
parents Suvani and Yajneswara Sarma in 2006.

Ancestors, Our Gurus & Guidence

All of us inherit some or other Sampada (acquisitions) from our ancestors. Suyajna is a
families. Whether having lot of money or not with them , the way our ancestors involved
in some significant charitable activities is worth registering and continuing. We all do
several charitable activities in our lives , but which of these have good impact andwhich
will benefit many lives to come as our progeny or other wise too , deserves a deeper

Suyajna was initiated by Gomata realizing the blessings of Paramacharya
H.H.Sri.Chadrasekarendra Saraswati Swami and added inspiration from
H.H.Sri.SankaraVijayendra Saraswati Swami. Even without any mentions, the very
vibrations around these spiritual masters have an inexplicable power to mirror and
channelize some of our deep internal thoughts. Their holiness have been constant
sources of power to guide Gomata to brighter dimensions of life.

Planned Dimensions

This is an effort to keep up that rich heritage and experience based on "Sadvichara and
Sadaachara" ; as a token of remembrance the rich ancestory and to plan a capital for
the generations later to carry on the tasks in their own capacity.

The various activities under Suyajna include, but not limited to

Samskruti : ( Samskruta, Sanketa that includes Sangeeta & Senses)
Sarvajna : ( Saubhagya, Sayika, Sphoorti )
GoHitam : ( Gorakshnam, Goseva, Goloka )
Samskara : ( Vaideekam, Upanyanam, Homas, Vivaham,Awareness )
Srida . ( Annadana, Vastradaana Vidyadana )
Sankari : ( Plants , Birds)
Satvika : ( Saadhu Samrakshana, Samoohika Bhajana ,Sadaalochana sangha)
Sivardha: ( Abhisheka, Jeerna-Devalayodhharana, Samoohika Seva )

Several events have happened even before initiating Suyajna unexpectedly under each
of these categories. After giving those casual breezy moments to be conceptualized to
an implementation, "SuYajna" is the outcome. The anitcipation further is only for more
such moments to pervade all through to more of SuYajna and finally to a meaniningful
conclusion to this human birth.