Made by Many I am Thankful to all that is moulding me

Life definitely is an opportunity and constant learning process . We by our selves cannot know
all that we are/can be in one life. We get moulded to different energy levels through many we
come across in society, environment and associations. We learn from animate & inanimate and
better ourselves to more peace & identify our support sources.

I wish I could name them all , but there are too many of them.
My thanks to each one of them
and they are countless at every point of life. My deep regards to them.

Prayer :

Prayer is a very important side of me always. "Lord Narayana", has been my constant support,
while other GODs seemed to be just there always. I enjoy the miraculous glimpses of the
Supreme, but to have a constant shower of that deep internal joy in the middle of any Maya
would be welcome.

Gurus & Teachers :

points. From Paramacharya at birth to Ramatilakam teacher to many others to follow. I respect
them very much , their blessing is critical before any project/milestone in life, especially when
other people are involved.
I take the spiritual Gurus that came into this life very seriously, but try not to go blindly with their
suggestions in some matters, unless it is absolutely needed ! If needed I will stop all action and
do the prayer/sadhana until I get to see what Guru's / situations mean and gather my thoughts
to establish the course.

Parents & Family :

My parents no doubt influenced, inspired me with their hard work and dedication to family,
studies, prayers and lot more. With age I think we became mutual supports. This is a beautiful
blessing and a great feeling to cherish.

Well, marriage and family surely refining me through a quantum level

Society & Nature :
I am tuned to who I am today by many challenging moments, people good/bad & nature . I have
met good people who made me see the Divine and the bad who got me closer to Devi. Nature
has a lot to tune me.

Brahminism, Values & Principles :
I struggled in the initial parts of my life while I didn't know to be emphatic in society with my value
basis. I went through deep agony trying to understand my deep respect for brahminism ( not as
a caste ) , the values I cherish and how I should sustain them in spite of pressures all around.

These values got to more clarity and expression with every challenge. I am really thankful to
Kanchi Sankaracharya H.H.Sankara Vijayendra Saraswati Swamiji & Kamakoti Peetham that
made me realize this in silence. Sure I am working to better my self and spread this to my

I deeply respect people who take time to understand to co-ordinate than misunderstand in hurry
No doubt life is short and making merry is important. But then you know, this life is precious too.
So are people/situations we come across.

Indian Culture  & SuYajna :

Indian culture means a lot to me , there is a lot for me derive from it always.

Technology :
I am passionate about technology that gets relevant to the needs of life and I am excited with
cool innovations. My best asset is my creativity when circumstances allow the spontaineity. It
taught me alot.

Enthusiasm and Quality life:

My energy levels are very high and have a lot to enjoy and share with many. Some have a
standard life, with low risks. For some others risks happen , and they need to stretch themselves
to excellence and refine. GOD always pushed me to high risk situations & teaching me to define
an incomparable quality for this life.

Detachment :
I struggled a lot while time forced my self detach my self from many family members. But
circumstances  proved to me time and again the transient nature of all and the role of Supreme.
Now I wish to connect with none more seriously than Supreme alone !

Best Life:

It is in open air with nature, with kids and with people who smile honestly and whole hearted !