Paramacharya H.H.Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swami
Origins are the feet of Kamakshi ( Our Kuladevata) and Paramacharya

BalaPeriyava is my main inspiration at this moment and there are blessings of
other Acharyas.

*************** Significant Events behind my origins , came to know only in 2002 !

Paramacharya and my father : Paramacharya called 4/400 people
@Machilipatnam. My father was one of the four. Interestingly all these 4 people
learnt Vedas regularly and have Devatarchana & do rudrabhishekam. H.H. gave
Mantorpadesa to my father and gave a pomegranate. As time passed by my
father grew closer to Paramacharya, acharya told him to sit close to his feet,
holding his Padukas and more.

name. But it didn't happen due to some or other hurdle. My father then felt he
Naming : I was born. My relatives were planning differnt words to give a me a
should infrom Paramacharya that he was blessed with a child. Paramacharya
asked the names planned asked him to come in the evening. My father met
Paramacharya along the farms, moving in Palanquin, it was Sandhya time.
Paramacharya opened the Palanquin, looked at my father and reminded my
father that "this child is a girl and her name is Gomata". And I was named
Gomata. My grandfather added his name Lakhsmi in school registers but it is
not there in my name originally

Guru : It is obvious to me since birth, there will be hindrances and hurdles and
Guru walks into life , .with a definition of me which is beyond human
comprehension ! Now, I don't make any major decision without the Guru
blessing.Even if I became casual at times of them, Gurus made sure I don't take
it easy. It is easier to keep them as my faith resource. Thinking in peace , we
know even the greatest of the kings put themselves infront of Gurus/Elders.
Who are we , the small ?? I may fail in life in the routine ways in the eyes of
anyone, but I need this Supreme Blessing of that pure energy of the Guru , to
do some good out of this life and to be useful for many the right way. It is my

Who I am , the Guru seems to know more than any Human Mind. This is proven
time and again.

Thankful to friends like Dr.Kanakadurga for reminding this umblical connection
with Kamakoti Peetham.